Best quotable moments from The Walking Dead in Singapore

Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) fielded a few questions about the hit zombie series and their loyal following with more than a couple of sexual innuendos
Best quotable moments from The Walking Dead in Singapore

When the zombie-annihilators from AMC's The Walking Dead were in town, they had to fight off a different sort of horde: hungry fans and sleep-starved reporters.

Bombarded with all sorts of questions with a few weird ones thrown in the mix, Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus were the unfazed consummate question-fielders, feeding off each other's energy and nailing it with every candid answer. We sieved out the grit to leave you with these gems in all their sometimes awkward, but always quotable glory.

For more yummy photos of Lincoln, Reedus and the zombies that walked our streets last Saturday, check out our gallery on Facebook.

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Brothers in arms

Brothers in arms

If either one of them gets infected

Reedus: I’d kill him so fast. I'd feel really bad about it, but I'd kill him so fast.

Reedus' unrequited brotherly love

Reedus: We did a really intense scene where it was just the two of us, I whispered, “I love you.” And he whispered back, “F*** you.”

Lincoln: It’s actually on film at the end of Season 3, when we were carrying away Andrea’s body.

Shooting, shagging or marrying a walker, each other, and a last option that was never heard

Reedus: Definitely marry (Lincoln). I mean, with marrying, comes shagging, right?

Lincoln: What’s the question?

Reedus: Do I marry, shag, or kill you. And I said marry because I can continually shag you, right?

Lincoln: If he does that, can I shoot myself?

Reedus: Then you will come back as a walker, and I will shag you again!