The best iOS apps for Hari Raya

Kami 2 (Free)

Kami is puzzle game where the aim is to fill the entire screen with one colour, in as little moves as possible. Its sequel has over 100 hand-crafted puzzles for you to conquer. If you or your kids are feeling creative, try creating a custom puzzle for the rest of your family to challenge at Raya night.

Sky Dancer (Free)

Here’s an endless runner game that adds a falling feature to the mix. The minimalist, 3D art style of Sky Dancer is perfect for those who love skydiving (or any crazy extreme sports), with new quests, score multipliers and new characters to unlock. Prepare to lose your phone to your nephews and nieces with this game. 

Tape it Up (Free)

Yes, it’s a game about taping boxes. Except when you run out of tape, you use cats, or tacos to hold them together. It’s a zany vertical jumping action scroller with hours of fun. Plus you don’t need an internet connection so it’s perfect if you’re holed up in the middle of nowhere without a signal.