The best iOS apps for Hari Raya

AnyList (Free, 12-month subscription from RM34.90)

But before you get your groceries, you got to plan what to buy first, and that’s where AnyList comes in. You can use the app to create grocery shopping lists, in addition to collecting and organising your delicious Raya recipes. Then easily share the recipes with your curious cousin for free – changes show up instantly whether you’re using an iPhone or iPad.  

Disney Junior Appisodes (Free, additional episodes at RM19.90 each)

Got preschool kids giving you a hard time on the long drive back (or even on the flight back for some of you)? Disney Junior Appisodes isn’t just a regular cartoon – your kids can touch, tap, swipe, tilt, shake, and talk their way through the episode with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and friends. The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally Appisode comes free with every download. 

Magic (Free)

Magic is a great app to spice up Raya visits. It’s the first app that detects facial expressions in real-time - wear silly masks or cool Transformers ones and do silly faces to get cool animations. Post and share on social media while collecting duit Raya.