The best instant photography cameras - reviewed

Leica Sofort (RM1480)

What's the story?

The Sofort is a different kind of stylish to Leica’s usual wallet-plunderers, at a different kind of price. Based on the Fuji Instax Mini 90, it offers more control over settings than the average insta-printer - along with the all-important shutter button up top, you get exposure compensation, a self-timer and flash control, as well as a button for toggling through the Sofort’s shooting modes.

These include standard, party, macro, sports, double-exposure and bulb, plus that most crucial of 21st century camera functions - a selfie mode. The rechargeable battery lasts for about 100 shots, so you’ll probably have long emptied your wallet on replacement film before the camera runs out of charge (a 10-shot pack of Leica's colour film costs £25, about RM140).

Taking pictures is simply a case of pointing at your subject, looking through the optical viewfinder and hitting the shutter. It'll spit out your photo, which will develop in a couple of minutes. Ah, simpler times.