The best home audio setups for tiny living rooms

A lack of floorspace shouldn't be a source of frustration when getting an audio setup for your TV

It's getting difficult to buy landed property in Malaysia, especially in the city.

Instead, we have to settle for 500 sq ft apartments when we leave the nest or start a new family. And by extension of that logic, the living room becomes a miniscule space with and equally tiny wall to prop your TV up. 

It's of course no surprise that space is absolutely vital in such flats. You gotta make use of every square inch lest you end up in a ceaseless cesspool of clutter around the house.

That said, we give you some tips on space-optimised home AV audio setups to make the most of that really squeezy living room. Oh, and you'll still get some kickass audio.



Soundbars are the most obvious solution for a compact space. You don't even need a TV console as you just need to wall mount this rectangular bar right under your TV. They are  self-powered and you clearly don't need an amplifier once you have one installed.

The flipside is that chances are, your speaker setup is limited to the soundbar but to most folks, this is a very acceptable solution, given that soundbars can deliver a more than satisfactory audio experience. Do consider a subwoofer that you can place at the corner of your living room for an increase in the intensity of those low frequencies.

Considerations – Sonos Playbar (RM4299); Vizio SB3820-C6 2.0 Channel Sound Bar (RM1070)

Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf speakers imply the need for a TV console to sit on but that isn't always the case as there can be some that are wall-mounted. If you want scalability where you might want to slot in a more elaborate audio setup sometime in future, you may want to consider adding an amplifier or receiver.

For most purposes, squeezy spaces require less equipment and thus bookshelf speakers alone would likely be sufficient. Don't let their small size fool you, the sound that comes out can be mighty powerful.

Considerations – KEF EGG Wireless Digital Music System (RM2399); Pioneer BS22-LR (RM1030).