Stuff's Life Hacks: Best Google Chrome extensions for the easily distracted

Have trouble focusing on the task at hand? These are the free add-ons you need to help you fight mental ADHD

We see you fidgeting, struggling to pay attention.

So we’ll keep it short. These are the Google Chrome extensions you should install to combat the urge to procrastinate. They will reside in your Google Chrome browser next to the address bar, ready to be activated at any moment. 

Strict Workflow

If you like everything to already be set up nicely for you upon installation, try Strict Workflow. It comes with a default setting: 25 minutes of work before allowing five minutes of precious playtime. There’s also a list of blocked sites (common culprits like Facebook and Reddit) so you won’t have to spend as much time populating it. You can toggle all that later if you like.

Click on the red tomato icon to start the productivity countdown, clicking it again will prove futile once the timer starts ticking. You can only wait until the time is through and the tomato icon to turn green to signal the start of some rewarding relaxation time. The red tomato icon will count down discreetly in a corner so you know how long you have to keep slaving away for.

Any attempts to access blocked sites will only result in a huffy “Get back to work” command. It walks the talk too; the only way to stop a running timer is to disable the extension altogether. That strict enough for you?

Get Strict Workflow here