Best Games Ever: the 20 greatest games of all time

Get ready to disagree with every single one!
Best Games Ever: the 20 greatest games of all time

At last, the definitive list. We've played every single game ever, carefully mulled over the points for and against each one, created an exacting scoring system that gives a real, quantifiable appraisal of each game's merit and carefully graded them against each other, allowing for changes in graphics and sound over time, hardware performance and... Nahh, only joking, we've just made up a list of games we like. 

20. Far Cry 3 (2012)

Once you get past the fact that you play a white American tourist wandering around somewhere foreign shooting up the locals, the third Far Cry game becomes a real joy. The dizzying panoramas of the first two games are combined with hunting, high drama, surreal comedy and the occasional bit of dubstep, creating a violent and vivid visual feast. Try saying that with a mouth full of biscuits.

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19. Goldeneye (1997)

When you think about it, the N64 had some ferociously brilliant games, and aside from Nintendo’s own Mario/Zelda/Donkey Kong titles, this was the one everyone played, all the time – usually at someone else’s house, using its superb splitscreen multiplayer.

18. Counter-Strike (2000)

Developed by fans as a Half-Life mod, this classic team-based multiplayer has become the gold standard for professional players. As a result, n00bs and casual players often find it hard to believe that everyone else isn’t cheating, but most of the time they’re not; they’ve just spent waaaaay too long playing it.

17. Hotline Miami (2012)

With its neon-saturated colours and its excellent electronic soundtrack, this gory, top-down, 16-bit slasher is a tribute to Nicholas Winding Refn’s Drive. A lot less self-important than most indie games and, as a result, a lot more fun.

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16. The Secret of Monkey Island (1990)

Its 2D point-and-click gameplay may seem rather old-fashioned by today’s standards, but Monkey Island’s quick wit is still streets ahead of the competition. Add an excellent soundtrack and stylish graphics, and you’ve got yourself a classic. 

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