The best full HD and 4K TVs for Netflix binge-watching sessions

Here's everything you need to know about watching Netflix on the big screen

Netflix’s sudden expansion in January has messed with everyone’s TV-buying decisions. Buyers are now looking for the TV that maximises their Netflix experience, especially those looking into 4K or full HD.

US versions of all LG and Sony models listed below were awarded Netflix Recommended TV certication. One can assume that the versions available locally will give similar if not equal performance. The certification means quick and easy access to the Netflix app on wake up (Sony models have a Netflix button on the remote), fast app-switching, apps resume quickly, and more.

However, the certification does not account for audio or video quality. That ball is in the court of TV makers Samsung, Sony and LG, though we're sure Netflix's recommendation shouldn't be too far off in quality. 

So which TV should you get? Which Netflix plan should you get? Those are the essential questions we'll answer if you want to enjoy the Netflix experience on a big screen!