The best free browser-based apps that replace editing software

No Photoshop/After Effects/Microsoft Office? No problem

So you want to edit a video or crop a bunch of photos but are too cheap to spring for the Adobe suite? We’ve got you covered.

Browser-based apps are fuss-free versions of software that let you work entirely online within your browser. They don’t require downloading or installation and they don’t take up space on your hard disk either. Since they’re Internet based, you can use them wherever you like, on any computer.

And if you think their functionality is limited to Google Docs, think again. Here are some indispensable free web apps that’ll let you do everything from video editing and 3D modelling, to creating professional-looking brochures — just key in the URL to begin.


This is for everyone who refuses to buy Adobe Photoshop — Pixlr is an online photo editor that works just as well. Heck, the interface even looks like Photoshop. It loads quickly, and has all the tools needed for moderate-level image editing including cropping, level adjustments and filters. When you’re done editing, you can save your work onto your desktop. While there’s also a subscription version that gives you access to more features, we think the free version is just fine for the casual user.


This web-based video editor lets you do all the basics like adding effects and transitions, adding audio, inserting text and trimming clips. Since everything is stored in the cloud, it also lets you collaborate with other users, meaning several people can work on the project at once. You can either choose to save your work in the cloud, or export the completed video to social media or your desktop. The free version gives you 1GB of online storage and a max video resolution of 480p. WeVideo supports most video formats.