The best coffee machines in the world - reviewed

Time to trade that jar of muddy granulated instant for a real coffee maker – like one of these

There’s no shortage of ways to make coffee.

If you don’t have tastebuds or shame, there’s instant. Then there are stovetop percolators, cafetieres, manual pour-over makers and the ingenious AeroPress. But if you want consistently good cups of the energising black stuff every morning (and don’t want to pay through the nose for it), you’re probably going to want to buy a machine.

But there are hundreds of them out there. Some excellent, some terrible, most sitting somewhere in-between. To find out which deserves your hard-earned cash, we’ve been testing them – and subjecting ourselves to possibly fatal levels of caffeine in the process.

Tech specs

Water tank size: 1.4l • Pressure: 15 bar • Milk foaming arm: Yes • Wattage: 1550W • Dimensions: 410 x 335 x 195mm • Weight: 10.3kg


Water tank size: 1.9l • Pressure: 15bar • Milk foaming arm: Automatic • Wattage: 1450W • Dimensions: 351x280x351mm • Weight: 9.8kg

Tech specs

Water tank size: 1.25l • Pressure: 15 bar • Milk foaming arm: Yes • Wattage: 1000W • Dimensions: 288 x 220 x 315mm • Weight: 3.6kg