The best Bluetooth headphones under RM400 for your iPhone 7

Affordable Bluetooth headphones do exist, here are 5

If the idea of not being able to charge your iPhone 7 while listening to music off it bugs you, then Bluetooth headphones are what you need.

It's true that they're pricier than their wired counterparts, but we’ve managed to scour the bargain bins some for cheap and good finds that'll be music to your ears (and wallet).

Mee Audio M9B (RM158)

You can’t miss out the Mee Audio M9B when talking about affordable Bluetooth earphones. These wireless earbuds may not have the fanciest design, but they do their job well as an entry-level device. These jet-black earbuds come armed with a remote control for a completely hands-free experience and have incredibly light wires for maximum portability. However, the remote control is slightly too heavy and might tug on your earbuds, causing them to fall out at times if you move head too quickly.

These earphones do better in the highs and don’t have a bass that’s as tight as more expensive devices, so using them for acoustic music might be better than using them to listen to heavy EDM tracks.


●     Incredibly affordable

●     Decent audio quality for an entry-level device

●     Great for acoustic tracks

●     Comprehensive inline remote control


●     Heavy remote control that pulls out your earbuds at times

●     Sub-par bass

Who Should Get It

●     You just want a cheap device to listen to some Shawn Mendes on your way to work, and you don’t intend to rock out to The Chainsmokers while pumping iron

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Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 (RM298)

Plantronics is rather well-known for its wire-free solutions for all your audio woes, and the BackBeat Go 2 is a well-rounded successor to the BackBeat Go 1. The classic behind-the-neck design of the BackBeat Go 2 makes it rather unique, and its small earbuds make it a delight to insert into your ear canals, giving a good and secure fit for your next listening session.

The bass on the Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 is fairly strong and punchy, but it is crucial for you to get it tightly sealed in your ear or else it will come off as a little flat. Overall audio performance is fairly dynamic, and using it for any genre of music is an absolute delight.

The only issue with the BackBeat Go 2 is its sub-par battery life at 4-4.5 hours, which may not last you an entire day. However, for it’s only understandable for an earphone of this size. If it's an issue, you can cough up S$30 more for a charging case which enables up to 14.5 hours of listening time.


●     Tiny earbuds that are light and portable

●     Dynamic, and works well for all genres of music

●     Comfortable design and secure fit


●     Poor battery life

Who Should Get It

●     You are looking for earphones that are powerful, but you only intend to use them during your daily commutes or light workouts and don’t need spectacular endurance

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