The best Apple Easter eggs hidden in Pixar movies


One of the cars on the race track is not quite like the others. If its white hot looks don’t already stand out to you, cast your eyes on its hood and you’ll see Apple’s logo. Now that number on its side is significant as well. 1984 is the year the Macintosh was launched.


Aside from Eve being partly designed by Jonathan Ive (Jony Ive to the faithful), there are quite a number of Apple-related Easter eggs within the movie itself. Remember how Wall-E charges himself? When he’s done, there’s a Mac bootup sound. But that’s not all. If you’re sharp enough, you’ll also realise Wall-E was watching a video on an iPod, and if you’re super sharp, you would have caught a glimpse of a Mac keyboard in his truck.

Says a lot that Apple products endure into the dystopian future.

Toy Story

In the third film, the computers being used are Macs if you look closely. Whether it’s Andy or the toys using it, you will recognise the Apple operating system as well as Safari. You might even spot an opened iTunes window or two. In the scene when Molly discards her old toys, she can be seen with an orange iPod Nano.

See when we grow up, we still play with toys, just more expensive ones.