Battle of the bands: 10 of the best Apple Watch straps

Choosing your next Watch strap needn't be a wristy business...

The Apple Watch has so many straps it now needs to take one of those giant wardrobe trunks when it goes on holiday. 

The good news is that, while this puts our collection of six t-shirts to shame, there are now more ways than ever to spruce up your Apple Watch and make it feel like new.

We suspect most Watch owners would struggle to justify spending more on a strap than they did on their smartwatch, so we've limited our list to ones priced at RM800 or less.

That doesn't mean they're aren't times you should go for the official Apple band - in our experience, these often remain the best in their respective fields.

But there are also some cracking third party options that either bring something different or can give you a similar look for less. Here's our pick of the best from both worlds...