Bad Foley's Star Wars sound effects video is so bad, it's good

Heck, you don’t even need a sound board, just a wee bit of creativity with your mouth will do the trick
Bad Foley's Star Wars sound effects is so bad, it's good

Admit it, as a kid, you had a lightsaber made out of rolled up A3-sized paper and made that humming sound.

Yes, we can see that sheepish grin appearing. So did we when we spotted this incredibly hilarious YouTube video. It takes iconic scenes from the original trilogy and dub the sound effects with home-made (and by that, we mean a simple mouth) ones.

Don’t worry, James Earl Jones’ majestic voice isn’t changed, though you’ll hear a much wimpier version of Chewbacca’s roar. It also did a pretty accurate rendition of R2-D2’s beep, though subtitles for what the astromech droid is saying would be nice.


Admittedly, the whole video is so cringeworthy, but it’s still oh so good when you laugh at how ridiculously funny it sounds.

Makes you wonder if the sound effects engineers actually did a similar first draft with their mouths before the final mix was made.

Watch till the end, or at least till the two-minute mark when the Death Star's planet-destroying laser is activated.

Three words: pew, pew, boom!