Asia’s most notorious haunted hotels

Stay if you don't mind some extra company

Planning for your next vacation? You might want to avoid these hotels if you’re a fraidy cat.

Asia’s got the creepiest ghost stories and it’s no wonder because we also have the scariest horror movies in the world. While we can’t confirm that these stories are true (thankfully), solo travellers with no desire for a visit from the supernatural might want to be safe rather than sorry and steer clear of these places.

Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Located in bustling Bangkok, Baiyoke Sky hotel has a dark history underlying its gleaming facade. Built in 2011, it was the tallest hotel at 88 storeys at that time. But during its construction, three bilboard installers fell to their deaths when the cable supporting the platform they were standing on snapped. 

There have been stories about Baiyoke Sky - guests have complained about things being moved in their hotel rooms, unexplained dark shadows, and a general feeling of unease. 

An account on Tripadvisor reads: 

"We never touch anything on the dressing table and not even move or sit at the dressing chair but when we came back after our night shopping, THE CHAIR WAS NOT IN ITS ORIGINAL POSITION THE THE HOLDER PAD WAS PLACED ON THE TABLE WHERE IT PREVIOUSLY WAS NOT! It really freaked us out as we remembered very clearly that we never touch anything in the room at all before we went out."