Apps and gear to keep an avid cyclist moving

Modern helpmates for the up-to-date cyclist

Cycling: fun, great exercise and for some these days, another way to get wherever you want to go.

These days it's more than just getting a nice bike and cool helmet. There are apps and some interesting things on crowdfunded sites.

Here's our pick of some of the best tech assistance you can get for your cycling habit.

Bike Doctor

To get you started on maintaining your own bicycle and lessening the frequency of your visits to the bike shop, download the app Bike Doctor.

For US$4.99 (RM21) you can learn the basics of bicycle care and learn minor repairs such as fixing punctures. It's a tiny investment but in the long run, it will probably save you some money and time.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.


If you're the type who likes a lot of data on your cycling routes, then the Cyclemeter GPS will help track your rides. Besides tracking features, it will even notify you of selected information on your rides and will even read comments from friends on your app-related statuses on social media.

It's also a great app for people who like analysing their workouts as it allows you to see detailed graphs on your progress as well as compete against other people's workouts. Cyclemeter is also useful for other workouts if you decide to let the bike rest and walk or cycle instead.

The app is free and US$4.99 (RM21) is how much it costs to upgrade to the elite version.

Download it from the App Store.


The CycleMap app is a nice companion to have if you plan to cycle around the world. It helps you discover bike roads in your area as well as find bike shares and bike shops on your trail.

While it's not quite as useful locally, it's great when you're overseas where bike shares are far more numerous especially in Europe and the more bike-friendly cities. No excuses not to be cycling even when your bike is all the way back home.

The app while a free download is a little expensive if you plan to upgrade to the elite version which is US$16.99 (RM72). But still good to have if you're a frequent traveller to cities with a bike culture.

Get the app on iOS or Android.


You can't do a cycling tech list without mentioning Strava. One of the most-established and popular apps for cyclists, Strava touts itself as the essential app for cyclists and runners.

Besides the tracking and maps, the app also offers you a large community where you can interact with other people, get track recommendations and share pictures of your trails. It's a great app if you're the competitive sort and would like to make new cycling friends.

Download it free from the App Store or Google Play.

Lumos Helmet

There are plenty of helmets to be had from the nearest bike shop but one with brakelight? The Lumos Helmet is geared especially to help keep you safe.

Previously a successful crowdfunding project, the helmet is only due to ship in 2016 but concept-wise looks promising. With a string of lights on the helmet with a remote fastened to your handlebar, you can now use your helmet to indicate when you're turning and about to stop. The helmet even has an inbuilt rechargeable battery, which should last you a week of charge if you use your helmet for 30 mins a day daily.

Preorder one for US$119 (RM510) from the creators' website.


If ordinary bike lights don't do it for you then try the See.Sense intelligent lights a go.

A little pricey but they're pretty handy with its featureset: bright LEDs, USB rechargeable, long standby time and an auto on/off feature.  More importantly, it will detect your activity and will flash brighter and faster, for instance when you're pulling out of a junction.

Pick up a set for £79.99 (RM530, non-Bluetooth) or £119.99 (RM790, Bluetooth, preorder) at the See.Sense website.

Size My Bike

A poorly-fitted bike makes for an uncomfortable ride, but this app will help you figure out the best size bike.

The app will not, as its makers said, replace a proper fitting at a shop, but it will give you a gauge of what size bike you should be looking at. This will at least ease the choice of bike and all you need to do is enter six important body measurements.

Get it free for iOS or Android.