Android Lollipop has won, no victory dance for these 5 Android L contenders

Good effort from the other L contestants, but there can be only one Android
Lollipop has emerged victorious in the battle for Android L

We've never had a doubt. Lollipop is the preferred successor to last year's KitKat

Ever since Google showed snippets of the next version of Android or more lovingly called Android “L” at its recent I/O Conference, we've been wondering if it'll pull a surprise like last year with the KitKat name. It has got many guessing what delectable dessert’s going to be incorporated with the adorable Android icon. 

The most probable of all these suggestions is the Lollipop. And we were right. By all accounts, Lollipop sits well alongside the chocolate, ice-cream, gingerbread, what-have-you varieties that we’ve known so far and are accustomed to. Plus, it’s like tasting a rainbow.

Still, there were a lot of worthy contenders for the Android L throne when we first put forth our theories. Had Lollipop not been the choice, any of these would have been a suitable option. 

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Lemon meringue pie

Which Android will triumph the battle of the “L”s?

This tangy yet sweet dessert is our second best bet. Many of us were expecting the key lime pie for Android “K” but were gifted with KitKat. Not that we’re complaining; maybe Google decided to go with KitKat and save the pie for Android “L” instead.

Lava cake

Which Android will triumph the battle of the “L”s?

It’s firm on the outside, yet soft and gooey on the inside. That’s just how we enjoy our Android experience. Although, the creation of a molten Lava Cake Android figure might be funny – we’ll leave it to your imaginations to conjure up a leaky droid. Eww!


Which Android will triumph the battle of the “L”s?

A fuzzy Australian companion to the Android family, an Android Lamington will probably be a cookie monster equivalent to the tech icon. It will, also, make a great furry stuffed toy if Google decides to bank on the plush space.


Which Android will triumph the battle of the “L”s?

It’s highly unlikely that Google’s going to pick a dessert many are unfamiliar with but you can never know what’s going to pop out of their labs can you? What's a ladoo? It's a round, yellow coloured Indian sweet made of flour and sugar, lots of sugar.


Which Android will triumph the battle of the “L”s?

With this selection, you might just see the green icon lose a few pounds and go skinny to make long, ropes of Android. It’s also got an ingredient that is said to have pharmaceutical properties, which makes it the healthiest of this lot.

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