All-you-can-enjoy entertainment subscription services for bingeing on

Plenty of time this weekend? Here are the best options for getting all the media you can devour just by paying a flat fee

Anticipating a load of free time over the next few days?

It doesn’t have to be filled with endless hours of you staring out the window. Whether it’s videos, books, or music, we’ve got some viable options for you to fill your time with. You'll never have to download anything to upload into your devices ever again because you'd be able to access a hoard of entertainment options through one app via your multiple devices by paying a monthly subscription fee.

Sorry for ruining your social life in advance. 


If you have the ability to finish books faster than they can be written, you need Scribd. From old classics like Fearless and Archie to Pulitzer prize winners, it’s a virtual library you can carry around in all your devices once you’re signed in. All you have to do is download the title you’re after and delete it when you’re done.

You’ll never run out of things to read ever again because Scribd will just keep suggesting new titles for you to get into. Plus, they’ve recently added a comics section that’s growing every day.

Cost: US$8.99 (RM32.10) a month for all the books and comics you can read. There’s a free week’s trial if you want to suss it out.

Get Scribd here


You can also access Deezer free, but you won’t be getting the magnificence of the full experience. For example, you will only be allowed a portion of the music catalogue on mobile and you won’t get personalised recommendations for the music you should be listening to.

Deezer’s also got Flow, a feature that acts as your personal music concierge when you can’t be bothered to create a playlist yourself. It selects songs to go into a non-stop stream based on what’s in your library. If you’re a free user, you can only skip five tracks every hour. Tough luck, good things are worth paying for.

Cost: RM14.90 a month. Free first 30 days trial!

Get Deezer here


It's finally here! Netflix, the US-based streaming service is a treasure trove of full-length series that will make you ditch your weekend plans to stay in and overdose on. And now that they’ve got all ten seasons of perennial favourite Friends onboard, that’s just more reason to get on the Netflix train.

Cost: From RM33 a month, depending on the streaming quality you’re after.

Get Netflix here

Need more convincing?


Listen to everything from Beethoven to Katy Perry, but your phone has limited space for 5000 different albums? Spotify will answer all of your audio needs. You can use it for free but be prepared to the odd ad to interrupt song streaming. If you subscribe to Spotify Premium, you get ad-free streaming plus the ability to listen offline so you don’t have to use up a single drop of your precious data allowance.

Their music catalogue gets updated with the freshest tracks each month for every genre possible which you can discover easily with their recommended themed listening lists. But if you're looking for Taylor Swift, you won't find her here. 

Cost: RM10 a month for Spotify Premium.

Get Spotify here