Age of Ultron: The 10 baddest AIs in cinematic history

Ultron's just part of the club when it comes to killer computers

The Avengers are back in town.

If you're reading this article, you probably care enough to know that the antagonist of Avengers 2 is someone or something called "Ultron" and if you were sharp enough to pick up on the Pinocchio reference (Disney does own Marvel after all), you might have deduced that Ultron is in fact a robot. We don't want to spoil the movie for the non-comics fans, but suffice it to say that in traditional Marvel Canon, Ultron is one of the biggest recurring threats the Avengers ever face.

There is just something about the idea of an evil artificially intelligent being that makes for a riveting story, and as Ultron terrorizes our cinema screens, let's take a look at a list of ten of the most iconic and beloved AI villains of all time.

1) The Terminators from Terminator

It would be impossible to start any list of AI baddies without paying tribute to the most popular and oft-rebooted evil robots of all time. The Terminators come from the future to kill your mother. That’s how bad they are.

And we’re not even talking about any single Terminator, every Terminator model has its own totally evil speciality: T-800 cleverly disguised as an Austrian Bodybuilder (way not to stand out, guys), the T-1000 made of liquid-metal and the Terminatrix, whose inflatable boobs were probably the deadliest weapons ever created by any man, machine or god… oh and her plasma cannon wasn’t too shabby either. 

2) Megatron

He’s gotten a little bit beaten and mushed up in Michael Bay’s extremely successful movie franchise of product placements, but Megatron was and is probably still the best villain of the Transformers universe to a lot of fans.

For one thing, he’s got an awesome voice that sounds like a dozen cars spontaneously crashing while the trees on the roadside inexplicably catch fire (you’re welcome, Michael Bay). And of all the Transformers, he’s the only one that changes into a gigantic gun (a Walther P38 for you weapon geeks) which can alter its mass so that even a human could fire him.

When all is said and done, Megatron is also a lot more interesting than goody-two shoes Optimus Prime. After all, who can’t relate to ambition and the desire to casually enslave a lesser species for self-gain?