Adventure Time with the Sony Xperia XZs

Meet the smartphone that should accompany you on your next voyage

The phone you need on your adventures and holidays has to be durable enough to handle any environment, with a battery life that can last you for at least one full day.

It also needs to sport a good camera for photos, and a speedy processor that lets you edit and post them swiftly. Ladies and gentlemen, the Sony Xperia XZs might just be that phone.

We brought it along on our trip to Thailand to find out if Sony’s latest flagship has the girt and quality of a good travel companion.


What sets the XZs apart from its seven-month-old predecessor, the XZ, is mainly the camera. It comes with a 19-megapixel Motion Eye camera system that’s also found in Sony's high-end XZ Premium. This allows you to take super slow motion videos.

How slow exactly? Try 960 FPS at 720p. 

Sure, it’s not 4K slow-mo but it’s more than enough to bring out your inner Casey Neistat when you vlog yourself jumping off a cliff.

And don’t worry, the XZs is water resistant. While it’s meant to just weather your clumsy spills, the IP65 rating still allowed us to use the phone underwater and even record video. Though we wouldn’t recommend relying on it for scuba diving trips at the Great Barrier Reef.

But if YouTube isn’t your thing and you prefer just taking photos, both its front and rear cameras will do justice to your Instagram feed.

Subjects are crisp and while the colours may come off a bit dull, it’s nothing VSCO cam can’t fix. And if you are used to the set up on your DSLR, the XZs has similar controls in the manual options for you to adjust to your heart’s content. It’s not as extensive as your Nikon or Canon but its shutter speed and ISO can go up to 1/4000 and 3200 respectively.

To compete with the iPhone 7 Plus’s portrait mode, Sony gives you the ability to control your focus with the slider in manual mode or you could just tap to focus. Either way, you won’t have trouble getting those hipster bokehs.



We may or may not have accidentally dropped the phone once or twice (sorry Sony), but the XZs holds up like a champ. Without any protective cover or screen protector, we were surprised to find no scratches on the phone at all.

That might have something to do with the ALKALEIDO metal material that the phone is encased in. But whatever sorcery Sony has casted on this contraption, it’s proven itself to be one tough nut.

In terms of design, it takes after the XZ with its 5.2in Full HD display and sleek rounded edges. For those unfamiliar with the Xperia’s design, there aren’t any buttons on the front and back as they are all placed on its right. There you’ll find the camera button, volume rocker and power button that features a fingerprint scanner as well.

The placement of the scanner is intuitive and seamless which may leave you forgetting that the button is also a fortress of security.