According to SwiftKey, Malaysians use the most emoji in the world

Here are 10 other things the app’s emoji report revealed about us

Just like the words you choose, the emoji you use also reflect your personality.

As such, keyboard app SwiftKey took it upon themselves to suss out how emoji are used according to their different language keyboard users over a four month period, across both Android and iOS devices. And guess what? It turns out that Malaysian SwiftKey users are the heaviest users of emoji. Even more than US or European users. 

It gets even more interesting when you find out which are the most popular emoji with Malaysians. Scroll down to find out. 

A sleepy nation

According to the report, “Malaysians appear to be twice as sleepy” as the rest of the world. In fact, we use sleep emoji more than twice the global average. Want details? That’s 1.4% of all emoji sent.

Sense of humour

We love using joke emoji like farts and poop; they ring in at nearly double the average rate. Guess which is the most popular joke emoji? Nope, it’s not the poop one, but the fart that wins. Want to know who takes themselves very seriously? The Russians.

Image: AboveAverage