7 useful Facebook Messenger chatbots that will make your life easier

Because sometimes robots are more helpful than humans

Why take five steps when you can just take one?

That’s really the appeal behind these Facebook Messenger bots, they make life easier. From personal shopping to health advice and even what to cook for dinner, these chatbots will help you get information on a range of topics, pronto.

And sure, you can always google for the answers, but isn’t it so much more fun talking to a robot?

Poncho the Weathercat

Nobody really cares about the weather forecast unless they’re going hiking or having a damn picnic, but when the news is being delivered by a talking cat with a big personality, well then, you have our attention.

Along with giving you information on the weather, Poncho will also throw in some memes or a gif of two, just for the lols. And in typical cat fashion, you can expect some attitude from this sassy bot.


Personal shoppers usually come with a hefty service fee, but Askvoila will help you get the best shopping deals for free. If you’re looking for a new bag, just ask the bot and it will do a quick search before presenting you with a list of choices. Pick your favourite, verify payment and your item will be sent to you.

Not looking for anything specific? No problem, the bot also provides information on ongoing sales and even promo codes at select stores so you can buy stuff you probably don’t need at a great deal - which we all know is the best part of shopping anyway.

MemeGenerator Bot

Why bother ever saying anything when you can just let memes do the talking? And with this bot, you’ll never be left without an appropriate comeback. Just let the bot know the type of meme you’re looking for, key in the words and it will handle the rest - right down to the placement of the text.

From Bad Luck Brian to Pepe and practically the entire 9gag lexicon, MemeGenerator Bot will make sure you’re always ready with a snarky reply to annoy your friends.