9 old school tech toys that will make you want to rewind time


The 1998 version spoke Furbish, blinked its eyes, and responded to your petting. This cuter version of the Gremlin could even interact with other Furbies via infrared. They were also programmed to grow as represented by their learning of English and weaning off of Furbish. However, probably no one played with them long enough to find out.

Replaced with: A more hi-tech version. The new Furbies have more expressive digital eyes and evolved with the times to come with their own iOS and Android apps. There's even a Chewbacca variant uncreatively named Furbacca. They’ll now develop personalities according to how you treat them, so don’t leave them unattended for too long...

Game Boy

When the first Game Boy emerged in 1989, it was in glorious 8-bit. The second handheld to be made by Nintendo following the original success of the Game & Watch games, the Game Boy proved to be a mega success, beating out the competition to be the most popular handheld console.

Replaced by: Long live the Game Boy. It might have changed form, evolving from Game Boy Colour to Game Boy Advance, then to Nintendo 3D and finally to Nintendo 3DS, but it’s still pretty much the same thing - the most successful handheld console to ever exist.


Sony’s original robotic dog was revolutionary, the most intelligent mechanical canine of its kind. But what everyone probably remembers most is baulking at the price when it was revealed. Sony has since stopped repairing Aibos due to a lack of parts, and the New York Times reported on the plight of current Aibo owners. Who would have thought that even mechanical canines don’t live forever.

Replaced with: Real dogs. Or rather, it will never replace real Rover. A robot dog might be low maintenance, but you’ll never experience the joy of a warm, furry body.