9 old school tech toys that will make you want to rewind time

Children these days will never experience the true joy that Nintendo, SEGA, and Neopets brought us

Kids nowadays have to settle for staring into their iPads and smartphones all glassy-eyed.

They'll never experience the wonderful world of the first generation of tech toys, when a robot dog was revolutionary, or when 8-bit was considered as high resolution as it got. Here's a trip down memory lane on us, in 8-bit of course. 


When the virtual pet was first released in 1996, the craze swept the world by storm. As a result, Tamagotchis made headlines for being banned from several places of work and school for distracting people with their incessant needs. Good thing you can switch it off. After all, there’s only so much digital poop cleaning that one can deal with.

Replaced with: The Tamagotchi lives on in a far more complicated form. You can play games and earn Gotchi Points now to spend on things for your virtual pet.

Image: Guff

SEGA Megadrive

Before there was PlayStation or Xbox, there was SEEEEEGAAAAA. Who can forget the heyday of Sonic the Hedgehog and other classic games like The House of the Dead and Virtua Fighter. And more importantly, who can forget the tangible frustration of blowing into the game cartridge to make it work? We know we can’t.

Replaced with: Sony's Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox of course. The two continue duking it out every year at E3.

Image: The Liberator


Don’t you remember this? With its discs and little squares of film that you can look through, it was everyone’s first experience of the 3D experience. Although there wasn’t much you could do with the View-Master, it was just fascinating to click through the reels and marvel at the images projected. We used to be easily satisfied.

Replaced with: VR headsets. That Oculus Rift is just a fancier and more interactive version of the original View-Master. We’re just kidding. Mattel has made a higher-tech version that incorporates smartphones into its operation.