9 essential 64-bit apps every iPhone 5s owner should download

Apple's iPhone 5s is packing a new A7 processor that's the first to bring 64-bit computing to your hand - we went hands-on with the first apps optimised for it to find the best
Apple's A7

Expect a slew of new and updated apps in the coming months as developers begin to unlock the power of the A7 and its sidekick, the M7 motion processing chip. We've been trying out the first to hit the app store, and there are some real sparkly gems in there.

Infinity Blade III (US$6.99)

The app even Apple uses to show off the 5s, Infinity Blade III has been fully rewritten in 64 bit code, and it’s jaw-droppingly impressive.

The animation, detail in characters and speed is unlike any other game we've seen on iOS, and approaching what the current generation of consoles can do.

It’s an essential purchase, if only to show off to your friends when they ask you why you upgraded - and a great game to boot.


Garageband (free update)

Of the slew of Apple apps updated this week, Garageband is terrifyingly powerful in its 64 bit incarnation, letting you create music on the move. There’s no problem with having multiple tracks, each with their own effects, playing at once, and it’s surprisingly simple to get the hang of.

Djay 2 & Vjay (US$9.99and US$2.99)

One of the first apps to get an update, these video and music mixing apps use the A7's power to give you some really impressive real time controls, allowing you to create your masterpieces.

One of the most impressive is the real time harmonics matching in Djay 2, letting you analyse the pitch of a song in real time and match up songs for seamless mixing - something that simple wasn't possible with previous versions.

[Download from Algoriddim]