9 of the best (and free!) apps for the Xiaomi Redmi Note

Stuff your affordable phablet with our starter kit of even more affordable apps
9 of the best (and free!) apps for the Xiaomi Redmi Note

Looking forward to working your new Redmi Note? We’ve got all the best apps you can load your new device up with, and they’re even more affordable than your new Redmi Note, because the best things in life are free.

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If you don’t like the MIUI that Xiaomi stuck you with or the themes available in the store, you can always customise it further with Themer’s offering of 325 varied themes.

This intelligent app doesn’t just drench your phone’s pages in new attractive shades, it also does the job of organising the chaos of your phone into reasonably neater categories like Communication and Entertainment for you to better locate your apps.

Themes are customisable to a great degree and up to ten new ones are added regularly to keep things fresh, if you’re get bored so quickly.

Get Themer here