All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. However, Jack’s boss disagrees because dull or not, the boy won’t get his paycheck if he slacks off. Fortunately, master ninjas around the internet have created various means for you to stealthily procrastinate at work. Here are 8 awesome methods to enjoy social media or even Netflix at work without getting caught.

8. Netflix Hangout

So Stranger Things season 3 just came out and it's impossible for you to resist the temptation to binge. Netflix Hangout is a Google Chrome extension developed by Mscf Internet Studios that disguises your Netflix session as a fake video conference call of four people. Complete with three fake colleagues on display while your favourite show is playing on the bottom right window. However, Netflix Hangout is only effective and might blend in well if your workplace is heavily dependent on video conference calls. Otherwise, it’s a confirmed warning letter bait especially if you’re in the accounting department

Effective Level: Risk Taker

7. Decreased Productivity

An aptly named Chrome extension that allows you to goof off at work by allowing you to browse websites discreetly. Decreased Productivity dulls out websites like Wikipedia or Facebook by removing background colours and images to make it look as if you’re going through a boring ol’ document instead of checking the latest entry to Kanye West’s wiki page. On top of that, the extension also allows you to customise how a website will look like when you access it. Very sneaky. That said, it’s pretty pointless to use this extension if you’re planning on viewing Youtube, obviously.

Effective Level: For Readers Only

6. Fake Update

In most cases, saying “I don’t want to” when your superior asks for a favour will instantaneously award you with the golden handshake. Unless, instead of unwilling, you’re unable to fulfill your task because of something beyond your control; such as an important update for your PC’s operating system. Such chances are rare because we all know that Microsoft has the tendency of rolling out critical Windows updates during inconvenient times. Thanks to Fake Update, you can just fake one out so you can go “oh gosh darnit!” and take a “forced” coffee break until the update finishes. The website provides a variety of update screens from Windows 98 to Windows 10, Mac OS, and even SteamOS! Who the hell uses a Steam Machine for work??

Effective Level: Office Douchebag

5. Spreadtweet

Can’t resist to see what’s trending on Twitter or check on how many retweets you got for that meme you stole from Reddit? Unfortunately, not all workplaces are keen to see their employees constantly being on Twitter when there’s plenty of work to be done. Let me introduce you to Spreadtweet - an application that cleverly disguises Twitter as a typical and boring looking spreadsheet. Columns and rows, the whole shebang. The only drawback is the lack of visually pleasing images, gifs or video clips that makes up a good portion of Twitter, but hey… at least you won’t get caught.

Effective Level: Data Entry Assassin