8 ways the iPhone will never be better than any Android phone

Sorry iDevout, you're going to lose this argument eight different times
8 undeniable ways Android phones trump the iPhone

The iPhone. The revered technological marvel that launched entire industries, made Apple insanely valuable as a company, and put Steve Jobs on a pedestal.

It incidentally also paved the way for virtually all smartphones ever since it hit the market in January 2007.

It is no surprise that this one device is ubiquitous among Singaporeans and has put food on the table of countless phone retailers, app makers, smartphone skin designers and Made-In-China pirates.

But did you know the iPhone cannot really hold a candle to Android-powered phones?

Here are eight ways Android phones beat the iPhone down for the count.

1. Customisation

8 undeniable ways Android phones trump the iPhone

First of all, Android phones have customisable platforms. Superficially, this means all phones have interfaces that look different but with the same functionality to cater to anyone who actually wants to feel unique and like a real individual.

This is vastly different from the iPhone where all icons are locked into place in a prison-like grid. The only way to to be different is to jailbreak it - which effectively kills the warranty.

Plus, the Android operating system is available on a variety of handsets recognised as highly versatile devices. This open nature of the Android platform allows manufacturers to customise the software on different handsets.

And over time, the Android interface has improved to look sleeker.