8 tips for playing F2P games without caving in to paying

Pwnage without spending a single cent

Fire Emblem Heroes is a free-to-play strategy role-playing game for mobile phones which relies on the “gacha” system for its income. You buy Orbs which you spend to roll for characters. The kicker? It’s all determined by chance: you may end up with a 3-star dud or a 5-star waifu.

And guess what? Most of the popular mobile games and RPGs in Asia pre-Fire Emblem Heroes are profiting like mad because of this payment model. If it’s got a heckaton of popular characters churned out on a monthly basis and an energy bar system to limit your play, you’re going to be paying through your nose for it.

Luckily, there are ways to get around the paying part. At the very least, you won’t be spending S$300 minimum just to get that 5-star Camilla. The tips below can be applied to both “gacha” and non-"gacha" free-to-play titles.

Disclaimer: We’re all for supporting developers for the toil and sweat they’ve put into these games. It’s okay if you don’t want to pay for your games, but it doesn’t hurt to give a bit if you love the game and want to continue supporting them. 

Reinstall, Reroll, Repeat Until Happy

If the characters you summon aren’t your cup of tea, you can just delete and reinstall the app, replay the tutorial where you get your prerequisite free currency (your Orbs, Gems, Prysma, etc.), get a few more, and then do another summoning session. This is known as a reroll, and it’s a really common tactic in most “gacha” mobile RPGs.

Most “gacha” RPG games have this option. Just be prepared to spend days rinsing and repeating this tactic until you get the 5-star heroes you want. 

Login Every Single Day, Without Fail

Every single day after 24 hours, most F2P games put out freebies like level up items and currency for you to collect from multitudes of in-game currency to extra energy potions. Yes, this is a bait for publishers to encourage you to spend more; they give enough but not all. If you’re patient, you can save up whatever currency you get per week.

Usually these games will have a character promotion that will happen in the middle of the month. That’s when you can unload all your saved-up gems or prisms or whatever for. You have to be religious about this; most games will have bigger and better daily login rewards at the end of their seven-day reward schedule. If you miss one day, you go back to the first day reward.

Protip: if a game is giving out more currency than humanly possible within a span of a week, chances are the game is on its last legs. Best to jump ship if your gut is telling you so.


Make Room For Your Inventory

You know all that limited space you have? We suggest you expand it with your currency. In the long run, you will be amassing a lot of freebies and junk to the point where you’ll spend more precious time figuring out what to sell off to make inventory room.

Buying up a few slots of space isn’t going to cost you a lot. Besides, if you’re going to hoard for special events, you’re going to need a bit more space.