8 incredibly useful things you can do with your old Android phone or tablet

Become a gadget necromancer and resurrect your old tech

What is dead, may never die, apparently. We’re not so sure about that, but we do know that your old Android smartphone or tablet - the one left facedown in a drawer like a drowned mob victim - still has plenty to offer.

Well, unless its smashed to bits. But if it isn’t, then stop wasting its potential, because there is still so much it has to lovingly offer…

1) Wake Up

Most of us - namely those that are slaves to The Man - need to drag ourselves out of work everyday to go and scratch a paltry living. But not if you oversleep.

Timely is an excellent, beautiful alarm clock app which is packed to the brim with clever functionality. It’s perfect for loading up on a stand-supported tablet on your bedside table, and its cloud-based settings are work across multiple devices.

That means you can set an alarm on your phone before your third pint, and it’ll sync with the tablet app too. Clever eh? 

2) Bump and grind

No, you don’t have to be Russian to have a dash cam.

They’re actually incredibly useful for capturing annoying accidents and knocks, proving that you’re excellent driving skills were never at fault. They’re also handy for capturing things like comets crashing down through the atmosphere.

Rather than fork out a hundred quid for one though, you can just download an app like AutoBoy Dash Cam, which supports continuous recording and plenty more. Happy… dashing?