8 flagship smartphones vying for your attention

Can’t decide what your next smartphone will be? We take you through the best and worst features of these top-of-the-line devices
8 flagship smartphones vying for your attention

It's finally happening. Your two-year contract with the telco is coming to an end. It's time to change to the latest smartphone.

Now, if only there's a way to sort out the deal-making (or deal-breaking) features of each smartphone before you swipe the credit card.

You're reading one right now, and once you're through with our handy guide to every flagship phone available in the market now, you'll never have buyer's regret.

That is, until the next best thing comes along in a few months' time.


Which flagship phone is for you?

Currently the best of the lot, the LG G3 is an understated monster of a phone after cleaning up its OS act, and stripping away the excess for a more efficient and user-friendly system. Running on a 2.5GHz quad-core processor, the phone is a 5.5in thing of beauty, wrapped in a blend of polycarbonate and metal to give it portability and a premium feel at the same time. With its very manageable 149g, the phone is solid without feeling like a brick

What’s hot: Who’s going to cram 2K resolution into a smartphone display? LG, that’s who. You get 534 ppi full of bezel-less razor-sharp clarity for you to feast your eyes on. If that’s not enough, a 4K-capable camera resides on the back of the phone. It's settled then, bring on the future of displays.

What’s not: With that fantastic 2K screen, you can expect battery life to suffer. Its 15 hour average is not as good as its predecessor’s 19 hour mileage. You can remedy that by toting along an extra battery to switch out when it threatens to flatline on you.

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