8 emoji you’ve been using all wrong on WhatsApp

Hang on, that emoji probably doesn’t mean what you think it does

It was World Emoji Day (mark 17 July down on your calendar and celebrate with excessive usage of emoji) recently, and it’s come to our attention that everything we thought we knew about emoji usage is wrong.

Thanks to Unicode, the leading authority on emoji, we’ve seen the error of our emoji-using ways. And so should you.

Information Desk Person

Expectation: Is this not an emoji to express my nonchalance? Is it not a half shrug similar to this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ?

Reality: Ha! You know nothing (Jon Snow). That’s supposed to be an Information Desk Person. She’s not giving a half shrug, but proffering her hand in a gesture of helpfulness, although nobody knows why it’s twisted at an angle.

Face with look of triumph

Expectation: I’ve been using this to express my exasperation. Aren’t that furrowed brow, those closed eyes, and the huffing all universal indicators of being fed up?

Reality: We wouldn’t have been able to guess this either, but it’s supposed to convey triumph. Unicode is apparently considering removing the “steam from nose” to make it a more winning look, but we’re not sure that’s all it needs.

Dash symbol

Expectation: What do you mean that’s not a fart emoji?

Reality: It’s not a fart emoji. It’s supposed to connote speed, like Speedy Gonzales quick, like eat-my-dust fast, like...you get the idea.

Sleepy face

Expectation: I might have used this to convey that I'm down with the flu to the boss on many occasions.

Reality: It’s a good thing that your boss is as clueless as you are. Because that’s not a face with a runny nose, that’s a sleepy face. So that’s probably closer to the truth of you calling in sick because you’re too tired to haul yourself in to work.

According to Unicode, that's a nasal bubble as commonly depicted in manga. But that's probably too Japanese culture-specific, hence your misuse of it.