8 awesomely designed starter desktop speakers

A feast for the eyes and the ears

Even if you aren’t an audiophile, a decent set of inexpensive desktop speakers can greatly benefit your multimedia experience.

Whether you’re watching Netflix or casually killing hours on an AAA game, good sound is vastly undervalued and a solid upgrade will provide very noticeable results.

Here are eight entry-level desktop speakers that will easily trump the tinny, lackluster sound you get from the existing built-in ones on your monitor or laptop — plus they look totally awesome to boot.

Edifier e25

Price: RM605

A frequent audio component of YouTube tech reviewer MKBHD, this set of cans (eggs, actually) pack beauty and punch in a distilled, intricate, and effortlessly gorgeous stereo pair of Bluetooth speakers that come in red, black and white.

Performance wise, the bass is more than decent for its size - Dual 2in x 3in passive bass radiators provide enhanced bass while a 3in bass driver and 19mm silk dome tweeter sit in each speaker. A wireless remote for you to control volume and power is included.

The sound is deep and embellished, the design is on the money, and the features are as distinct as they are practical — they wouldn’t look out of place in the stark white interior of a newly minted spacecraft.

Creative GigaWorks T40s Series II

Price: RM403

These tall, upright towers are space-conscious (great when you have a small desk), efficient and easy to use with the treble/bass/volume knobs located at the front of the set.

The bass is a little lacking (especially on a Thundercat track, which is worrying), but for the average consumer — this set of rectangular boxes is more than capable of providing the audio upgrade you need for clear and crisp mids at this price range.

The speakers are compact, well designed and pack a good balance of sound quality and power for their price tag.

Logitech Z623

Price: RM538

This black beauty is the first on the list that comes with a subwoofer. For the uninitiated, it’s basically tough for one type of speaker to reproduce the full range of sounds, and so the job is split up, with a subwoofer dedicated to producing low pitched audio frequencies — otherwise known as bass.

This THX (a rigorous set of industry standards for audio production which basically means it’s being heard exactly how the audio engineer wanted it to be) certified speaker boasts 200 watts of “room filling audio” and also has knobs in the front for easy access.

This speaker is a no BS desktop audio solution — capable of letting you hear each twinkle of the glockenspiel and bass beat in Danny Brown’s “Really Doe.”