8 apps every Malaysian driver should be using

Give your driving experience a serious upgrade with these apps for the road

Many Malaysians inevitably own a car to get around. So much so, that residents in Greater Kuala Lumpur spend more than 250 million hours a year stuck in traffic.

Fortunately both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store is home to a ton of car-related apps to improve your commute on the road. We waded through the clutter to compile the great 8 every Malaysian driver should download to help make their next drive enjoyable. You're welcome. 

Waze (RMfree)

Waze is the definitive navigation app. It’s easy to use and effective at what it does. Users share real-time traffic data and information to make driving a pleasure for all. The app automatically reroutes you through roads with minimal traffic, and you have the ability to select the fastest route or toll-free roads. You can send your location and arrival time to friends, as well as switch the default navigation voice to popular personalities like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Download Waze on iOS/Android

Fuel Buddy (RMfree)

Android: Free

iOS: Free

Many of us have troubling keeping track of our car’s rising expenses. The Fuel Buddy app helps to record your mileage, car maintenance expenses and fuel consumption for better financial control. For those who constantly forget about servicing their car, you can set the app to remind yourself when it’s time to send your car to the mechanic. The developer has included the option to save your car information to the cloud and sync data across multiple devices. Fuel Buddy also supports voice input. 

Download Fuel Buddy on iOS/Android