7 things you need to know about the Xiaomi Mi 5

Update: The Mi 5 is now available in Malaysia

Wait no more, the Mi 5 is finally in Singapore after being formally introduced to the world at MWC earlier this year. 

Led by Hugo Barra, Xiaomi's Global VP, the much hyped-about Mi 5 finally showed up in the flesh (or should we say glass and metal)? There's a lot to say about it, but we'll start with 7 noteworthy features to get you quickly up to speed.

Oh, snap!

The Mi 5 runs the Snapdragon 820 processor which has a CPU 100% faster and GPU 40% speedier than the previous generation Snapdragon 810's. That means a smoother user experience and better gaming performance, so expect the Mi 5 to be more than capable of handling the daily grind you're bound to put it through. 

In keeping with their need for speed, Xiaomi claims that it will also be the first smartphone to be available with Snapdragon 820 as it officially lands in China on 1 March.

Dangerous curves ahead

It looks like Xiaomi has moved on from borrowing Apple's style to taking a leaf out of Samsung’s Design for Dummies book. It’s got curves that are reminiscent of Samsung's S7 series' slopey sides.

Having said that, it's still a very handsome phone with its 3D glassed/ceramic-ed back melting seamlessly into its metal sides that Xiaomi proudly proclaims is the result of a 16-step super precise manufacturing process. 

Eye see you

The 16MP camera comes with Phase Detection Autofocus to make sure that your motion shots remain in the clear and DTI tech for even cleaner detail. 

Like that's not enough to compensate for your sometimes suspect camera skills, it’s also got a new 4-axis OIS to compensate for any camera shake, especially important in low-light situations. 

So if you still get a poor photo, it's you, it's not the Mi 5.