7 things you need to know about the 9.7in Apple iPad Pro

Find out what makes the iPad Pro's new baby brother tick...

Like the iPhone SE, Apple surprised almost no-one by announcing a smaller version of its 12.9in iPad Pro.

The 9.7in iPad Pro, available for pre-order from March 24 in select countries (no word on availability for Malaysia yet) from US$599 (RM2420), is the same size as the iPad Air 2 and is effectively a more compact version of its bigger brother. But it did bring a few mini surprises to help tempt current iPad Air owners - here's what we learnt:       

1. It has the best iPad display ever

Apple claims that the 9.7in iPad Pro, which has the same Retina resolution as the iPad Air 2, has the brightest screen available on any tablet. It's apparently 25% brighter than the iPad Air 2, and also 40% less reflective with 25% greater colour saturation.

All of which promises to make it the perfect companion for a movie binge-watching session on a long haul flight. Not that this was the only screen-related news...

2. It's also kinder on your eyes

The 9.7in iPad Pro debuts a new 'True Tone' display tech, which uses two four-channel ambient light sensors to measure the colour of the light around you and adjusts the warmth to match. 

The theory is that making the screen warmer or cooler will make it more natural-looking and easier on your eyes. Which should complement iOS 9.3's new sleep-friendly Night Shift feature, for automatically reducing the level of blue light in the display in the evenings, very nicely.   

3. It's the perfect travel companion

Physically, the 9.7in iPad Pro is the iPad Air 2's identical twin, with the same dimensions and weight. This means it tips the scales at 434g, with the LTE model also coming in at under one pound.

That means it'll considerably more wrist-friendly than its bigger 12.9in brother, which isn't far off double the weight. We know which one we'd rather take in our holiday rucksack.