7 smart Tinder app tips to match you with the right one

Tinder has come a long way from its dodgy hookup culture beginnings

Sure, we still get the odd jerk and dick pics, but there are many on the app seriously looking for love - and finding it.

As an app, Tinder is also looking for ways to help its users find a match. It still retains its classic swipe left or right functions, but its new features certainly help us out.

We’re not going to tell you what photographs to put up or how to write a bio, but here are seven tips and tricks on using the app right.

Gif it up

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a gif is worth way more than that. Thanks to Tinder’s in-app GIPHY extension, everyone’s favourite dating app now has gif support.

Instead of starting a conversation with a “hi” or a cheesy pickup line, try a gif of a baby falling on its face or a keyboard-playing cat. Not only will you be able to test your match’s sense of humour, but you get to break the ice is an internet-approved way. Everyone loves a good gif anyway. 

Use Tinder’s Swipe Limits Wisely

If you’re on Tinder’s free version (and let’s face it, you probably are), you’re restricted to a certain number of swipes every 12 hours. To maximise your swipes, use the app in the morning and the evening. You can then take 12-hour breaks (when you’re sleeping and when you’re working) to hit the high app traffic in your area, and squeeze a good match in then. 

The other option is to use the time hack, where you turn your phone clock forward to get more likes. It’s not worth it — swiping more doesn’t get you more quality likes, and your phone clock will get severely messed up.