7 reasons why the Xiaomi Redmi 2 is such a great bargain

Are you ready? The Redmi 2 returns on sale at noon tomorrow, 24 March

The Redmi 2 went on flash sale last Tuesday, 17 March. If you missed out on the purchase last week, you get another crack at it tomorrow, same time, same sales channel.

Xiaomi is the brand that single-handedly made budget phones desirable. How? By offering flagship features for not a lot at all.

Dual sim convenience

If you have to carry two phones for different SIM card reasons, you should be familiar with the hassle. The Redmi 2 has dual SIM slots, building multipurpose into a single phone. So if you’re travelling, you don’t have to switch out your SIM card, just select the right one when you’re making calls or texting.

Also, both SIMs support 4G, but just note that 4G only works for one SIM slot at any one time.

Super multitasking 64-bit processor

What do you get with a quad-core 64-bit processor? Tons of multitasking potential. Switch from app to app without lag, play videos without experiencing any stutter, and get better power efficiency with the Redmi 2.

Spanking new MIUI 6

It’s the first Xiaomi phone to ship with MIUI 6 baked in. The latest update might still be based on Android KitKat, but you’ll get some great new features that will prove to improve your MIUI experience - bulk moving of apps, calls appearing as floating notifications instead of screen takeovers, as well as a simplified Mail app.