7 reasons to look forward to Xiaomi's MIUI 7

These new features are why you should immediately upgrade to Xiaomi's latest iteration of their unique OS once it drops

Xiaomi’s just announced their latest iteration of MIUI at a Delhi event, introducing a slew of neat features to improve the user experience.

Here's what you can look forward to when MIUI 7 is rolled out to users later this year.

It’s faster

Who doesn’t want a faster moving phone? Even if it’s nanoseconds, the slightest time savings you get can add up to a lot, considering the time you spend on your Xiaomi phone overall. System apps now start up a lot speedier as loading data and animation happen in tangent so no time gets wasted.

Watch the video to see the difference between MIUI 6 and 7 in all their slow-mo glory.

Data scrimpin'

Data is a touchy subject with many since we don’t get much of it with our telcos. And MIUI 7 is working with Opera to help you cut back on data costs by compressing images and videos. This doesn’t just work for your browser but across third party apps too since you’re probably using the most data on apps like Instagram and WhatsApp. Total potential data savings? Up to 50 per cent which is a lot for those trying to get by on 2GB a month.