7 quick tips to get that perfect shot at the F1 Singapore Grand Prix

Perspective, position and practice - learn the three Ps to compose that picture perfect shot during the night race

Once again, the annual Singapore Grand Prix begins. While most of you might want to stay in the comforts of your home, some would rather see the live action.

Why? Because they’re waiting to grab that perfect shot, capturing the essence and adrenaline rush of the night race.

We spoke to Canon’s Imaging Academy, and gathered these seven simple tips that’ll turn you into the sports photographer of the century. No tutorial fees required, this one’s on us.

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Go into the light

Though it is a night race, the track will be lit up like a Christmas tree. By the early evening of the race, expect the track lights up, which will simulate shade and overcast lighting. As such, get in early to adjust your settings based on these lights. Your subject will most likely contain both dark and light colours, thus go with a low contrast light to make the picture more eye-popping.

The right eye

You’re not getting anywhere near the cars during the race. In short, get a long telephoto zoom lens. Go as far as 800mm if you have to. Of course, there’s also the EF70-200mm or EF70-300mm range to achieve the closer shots. Keep the aperture level high - a shallower depth of field is a tremendous advantage.

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