6 ways to take awesome low-light smartphone snaps

Never be disappointed with your blurry smartphone snaps again. These tips will get you good results in gloomy conditions
How to take great low light photos with your phone

Don't lie, you're often pretty disappointed with the pics you've taken on your smartphone. That's because phone cameras, for the most part, are notoriously bad in low light. But fear not! We’ve put together some tips for shooting in murky conditions. Read on and you’ll be a regular David Bailey in no time.

Image credit: Alexander Kesselaar

1. Whatever you do, don't use the touchscreen shutter button!

Nokia Lumia 928

In low light, the shutter will be open for longer so any movement from the phone will result in blurring. Tapping the screen’s shutter button can make the phone shift slightly, so if you can avoid it you should.

Some phones feature hardware shutter buttons for the camera (all Windows Phones do!), which will result in less movement, and did you know that the iPhone’s headphone cable can be used as a shutter release? Hook up the Apple headphones, open up the camera app and press the volume up button to take a shot.