6 things we love about the OnePlus 5... and 6 things we don't

4) It's a battery life beast

You'd think that the fire-breathing Snapdragon 835 would be an absolute power hog, but OnePlus has managed to tame it and squeeze a superb performance out of the OnePlus 5's 3300mAh battery.

You'll easily go an entire day on a charge, and depending on what you get up to, you'll still have juice left for the next day. It takes no time at all to top back up, either, thanks to Dash Charge. Plug it in, and in 30 minutes you'll be back up to around 50% - easily enough for the rest of the day.

This makes it one of the best phones around right now for sheer longevity. It might not match the 5000mAh batteries of the Lenovo P2 or Moto Z2 Play, but just about everything else out there will struggle to match the OnePlus 5 for pure staying power.

5) Simplified Android

OnePlus has always had a fantastic spin on stock Android, with useful additions and extras that don't distract from Google's original design. Previous phones had help from Cyanogen, but now the company is going it alone with OxygenOS - and things have never been better.

Essentially cherry-picking the best bits of vanilla Android, and the Pixel launcher that's still exclusive to Google's own Pixel devices, the OnePlus 5 is arguably even better than those home-grown versions. You can customise the look with your pick of icon packs, hide all your home screen widgets in a single scrolling Shelf, and access your apps with a swipe.

6) A Delightful display

OnePlus has never been one to ramp up the resolution - 1080p has been fine in previous years, and it's absolutely fine here too. You won't spot individual pixels without a microscope, and pictures look pin-sharp.

It's an AMOLED panel underneath, too - which means impeccable contrast and bright, vivid colours. Not to mention perfect, inky blacks which make all the difference when you're watching films or playing games.

Sure, there are plenty of phones with QHD screens, super-skinny bezels and even curved sides, but then they cost a whole lot more moolah. This doesn't, and that's just fine.