6 things we love about the OnePlus 5... and 6 things we don't

It's powerful, packing twin cameras and gets the price (mostly) right - here's what's great and not so great about the OnePlus 5

Would you look at that - OnePlus has done it again, introducing the world to another fantastic phone that somehow manages to beat the big-brand competition on specs, but still cost a whole lot less.

The OnePlus 5 is an excellent bit of kit, which improves on last year's OnePlus 3 in so many ways. But while there's lots to love here, there are a few things that aren't so rosy - like that higher price.

Now that we've lived with one for a week, here are our favourite bits of the newest mid-range marvel, plus a few we're not so keen on... and one that we just can't make up our minds on.


1) The streamlined design

You could never call last year's OnePlus 3T ugly, but this latest generation has still managed to give the looks a major overhaul for 2017. The straight edges and pointed corners are out, replaced with curves and smooth sides that better fit the palm of your hand.

There are still room for detail, though, like the neat horizon line that stretches around the outer edge and separates the front from the back. You still get old favourites like the alert slider and lightning-fast fingerprint sensor, too. Oh, and a choice of colours: Midnight Black and Slate Grey.

The OnePlus 5 feels every bit the premium phone, with fantastic build quality and a design that easily keeps pace with the rest of the high-end competition.

2) The delightful Dual cameras

If last year's OnePlus 3 and 3T had one weakness, it was the camera. The OnePlus 5 doesn't have that problem. It doubles up on rear snappers, which work together to take excellent photos. Side-by-side with the more expensive competition, there's really not much in it any more.

Even better, it adds a whole host of extra features, like dreamy depth-blur on portraits, a lossless 2x zoom, and a Pro mode that'll have you shooting stunning snaps in no time. The helping hand from imaging experts DxO clearly paid off - and makes the whole OnePlus 5 package complete.

3) Unparalleled performance

Every OnePlus phone has managed to find room in the budget for one of the fastest mobile chips around at the time, and this new model is no different.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 is setting benchmark records all over the place, and with OxygenOS being the most no-nonsense approach to Android you'll find this side of a Google Pixel, you'd better believe the OnePlus 5 feels phenomenally quick.

Add in a crazy 8GB of RAM on the Midnight Black version, and you've got the fastest Android phone you can buy right now. That means apps and games run flawlessly, your home screens respond instantly to your swipes, and you won't find a hint of lag or slowdown. It's ace.