6 things to know about the Xiaomi Mi 6

Xiaomi's latest flagship has improvements across the board

Xiaomi's finally launched the sucessor to the Mi 5 and on paper, it's fairly impressive.

1. It's got sweet specs

The Xiaomi Mi 6 uses the Snapdragon 835 processor and paired with the latest Adreno 540 GPU makes this phone pretty powerful. It's also this processor's debut in China, making it the first smartphone launched in the country with these specs. There's also a lot of memory on this: 6GB.

2. It's splash-resistant

Xiaomi's made the phone resistant to the odd splashes, sealing the SIM card entrance as well as other entrances. No IP67 or IP68 rating here so don't try dipping it into a tub or shallow pail.

3. They've removed the headphone jack

Xiaomi decided that 3.5mm would get in the way of it creating a "clean and simple look" for the Xiaomi Mi 6. It's interesting how Xiaomi is embracing the no headphone-jack paradigm while Samsung has yet to follow suit.