6 things the Apple iPhone X can do that the iPhone 8 can't

It's not all about looks: the top-end X packs perks too

Apple went nuts yesterday with announcements, confirming three totally new iPhones. Well, one totally new iPhone and a couple of mostly-familiar upgrades.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus mostly build upon the tried-and-true design of last year's iPhone 7 models, but the iPhone X is something new and exciting: boldly styled, almost all screen on front, and packing some intriguing camera benefits in the mix.

But it's also £999 (RM5530), which is a crazy amount of money to ask for a smartphone, especially when the iPhone 8 comes in much cheaper (but not cheap) at £699 (RM3870). What makes the iPhone X potentially worth all that extra cash despite its striking good looks? Here's what might make X mark the spot for you come November.

1) It fills the face with screen

Scrapping the established look of the last three iPhones, the iPhone X ditches the Touch ID sensor and kills most of the bezel: it's nearly all screen on the front, with seamless bezels that fade into the curves of the phone.

Oh, except for that obvious cutout at the top: that's a bit odd, right? Well, it's necessary, because it houses the TrueDepth camera system, sensors, and the microphone. It's either that or a full bezel bar, like on the Samsung Galaxy S8. You'll have to decide whether Apple took the right approach here, but we quite like this shift. Or at least some of us do...

Meanwhile, the iPhone 8 is mostly more of the same, aside from the new glass backing and the wireless charging skill that comes along with that. But the iPhone X also has a glass back and will do much the same with a Qi charging pad.

2) The HDR video will really pop

Not only is the screen taller and larger, at 5.8in compared to 4.7in on the iPhone 8, but it's also better: it's an OLED panel, like those on Samsung flagships, and that means we'll get improved contrast and deep, deep blacks.

Better yet, it supports mobile HDR (high dynamic range), which makes supported video look spectacular thanks to a wider colour gamut. Once apps such as Netflix and YouTube update on iOS, selected content should blow us away even while on the go.

And while the iPhone 8 sticks with the famously (and weirdly) low 1134 x 750 resolution, the iPhone X bumps up to a better-than-1080p resolution of 2436 x 1125. It's an upgrade all around.

3) You can unlock it with your face

Losing the Touch ID sensor might be a blow to established iPhone fans, but Apple reckon that they've come up with something even better: Face ID.

The iPhone X's TrueDepth front-facing camera system learns your face and then uses it to unlock your phone, as well as authenticate for Apple Pay. It looks pretty speedy and effective from Apple's stage demo yesterday, although facial scanning hasn't fully convinced us on other devices in the past.

Hopefully Apple has the killer solution. If not, then the iPhone 8 may have the real leg up here after all.