6 tech-infused immortals in modern fiction

The thought of transferring your mind to another medium is either pure genius or absolutely creepy
6 tech-infused immortals in modern fiction

We live in a world where uploading and downloading of content is ingrained in everyone’s day-to-day activity; pretty sane right?

But have you ever thought about living in a time when people are able to use tech and upload themselves onto a PC or transferring their brain function into another body?

That would probably be super weird, especially if some people are able to live forever in the digital world. Fiction has given us a glimpse at how humans successfully got their brains out of their own heads - digitally, not literally.

Be forewarned of some movie spoilers ahead.

[Main image: Truthseekers]

Arnim Zola (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

6 tech-infused immortals in modern fiction

Hail Hydra! If you actually paid attention to any other character besides Captain America or Black Widow in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, you’ll realise that there’s a point when they activate a supercomputer containing the preserved consciousness of Arnim Zola, the mad scientist from the first movie.

The poor sod, however, still didn't manage to survive a missile attack. Or did he, ermm, it? Who knows, it's a Marvel character, they always come back to life.

Dr. Will Caster (Transcendence)

6 tech-infused immortals in modern fiction

It's always the scientist that comes up with some crazy need to create a “conscious” computer. But poor Dr. Will Caster gets infected with radioactive material before he can complete it. His desperate wife uploads his consciousness into the computer in a move to save him.

Did that create the technological singularity called Transcendence? Depending on which side of the coin you look at, she either salvaged the situation, or brought absolute ruin to the world.

Michael Drucker (The 6th Day)

6 tech-infused immortals in modern fiction

If you're the head of a company that clones living things, you might as well reap some benefits from it. Okay, so you've kind of breached The 6th Day law by cloning human beings, which is strictly forbidden. And the said human being is yourself, with your memories fully intact whenever you upload them into a new clone.

And like every hard disk drive backup you've been making, make sure you sync your memories constantly.