6 ridiculous inventions that are actually amazing

Forget your fancy high-tech gadgets and fancy apps. Here are some that are so insane, they’re all kinds of awesome
6 ridiculous inventions that are actually amazing

We’ve seen some really odd things here. Trust us, it’s really out of this world.

These six? Weird as they are, there are actual practical uses for them. You might have even seen one or two popping up on your Facebook news feed, but were just unsure if you should take the plunge and have them shipped over.

That is, until you’ve seen what we have to say about these seemingly ridiculous, but really useful thingamajigs.

Ostrich Pillow

6 ridiculous inventions that are actually amazing

The number one purchase for narcoleptics, the Ostrich Pillow. Nap anywhere in cosy, isolated comfort. And if your boss questions your nap time at work, you can inform him that NASA studies have proved that brain function improved dramatically when taking a nap. Therefore, you’re simply being more efficient.

Again, gently remind him that NASA said so.

Get the Ostrich Pillow here

Kangaroo Light

6 ridiculous inventions that are actually amazing

From the same studio that brought you the Ostrich Pillow, Studio Banana Things presents Kangaroo Light. A flexible, durable, multipurpose personal light that offers up to 2.5 hours of illumination and is rechargeable via USB port. It’s also highly customisable. Use it as a reading light, on camping trips, as a night light or if you simply just can’t find anything in your bag. It also just looks really cool, so pick up one now.

Get the Kangaroo Light here