6 reasons the underrated LG V30 shouldn't be overlooked

Not only is it good-looking, it's an absolute joy to take around

Amid all the buzz about last year's jazziest smartphones, some inevitably slipped under the radar. The LG V30 was one of those - in fact, we'd go so far as to call it the most underrated phone of the year.

Which is why, now that the new year is here and all the fanfare about earlier phones has passed, we're bringing it into the picture again. This is one phone that deserves a little more attention, so we took it to Bangkok for a week-long trip and as we discovered, it has plenty of unique features that made our vacay that much more memorable.

From its incredible wide-angle lens to the mysterious Quad-DAC churning out great-sounding tunes, this is one device that doesn't mess around. If you're still hanging for that perfect new phone, it might just be time to reconsider the V30.

Wide-angle camera

Portrait mode and telephoto lenses may be all the craze right now, but we’re certain there’s a large camp of photographers who would prefer the wide-angle lens that the V30 offers. It enables you to capture so much more in every shot, without having to keep inching back.

On the V30, the wide-angle lens is much like a fish-eye, but with the curved edges digitally evened out to create a more natural look. Granted, objects caught at the edges may still look unnatural (the AI isn’t quite there yet), but it sure makes skies, landscapes and scenery look stunning.

The wide-angle shooter also helps with group photos, particularly in tight spaces. The V30 manages to squeeze in huge groups of people without you having to shift further back (bonus: this also applies to the selfie camera) - something we hope to see in far more phones. For anyone who thinks stopping in your tracks to take a solo portrait is awkward, go with the no-miss group-photo option made possible by the wide-angle lens. 

Cine Log

Attention vloggers! Never mind the Note 8 or the iPhone X - the V30’s got something more valuable to you.

Another example of the niche market the V30 serves, the camera app comes with a “cine video” mode that shoots in a Log format, which means colours are subdued and the image is flatter. This does mean videos don’t look their best on the phone, as they do on the Pixel 2 or iPhone X, but that's because the feature was developed with post-production in mind. The Log footage makes it easier for video editors to edit and apply filters to raw footage. Get your mobile-camera kit, DJI stabilisers and you’re good to go.

If you’re lazy, the V30 also comes with in-built filters that can be applied while filming, lending different moods to your footage. 

Beautiful OLED Screen

The V30’s spiritual predecessor, the severely underrated LG G6, was crushed by the attention given to the Samsung Galaxy S8 which rocked a superior design and a gorgeous OLED display. Now LG has made sure the same won't happen with the V30 - it sports a beautiful OLED screen of its own, with even skinner bezels, and it fits nicely in your hand.

It's also an absolute joy to watch videos on. Content fills the whole screen and looks vibrant and really sharp. The minimal bezels make it feel like you’re just holding a screen, even more so than with the Google Pixel 2 XL. This is one of the best-looking phones of 2017 and will quite possibly be right up there on 2018's list, we reckon.