6 reasons the OnePlus 3T could be the new best phone ever

It’s the OnePlus 3 Jim, but not as we know it

The OnePlus 3 won Stuff’s Smartphone of the Year award with good reason.

For RM1888, you can nab yourself a handset with Apple-like build quality and Samsung flagship-matching specs, with plenty of software tweaks and super-fast charging tricks to boot.

For most people then, buying a OnePlus 3 is a no-brainer.

Well, it was until now, because the company has revealed an updated model - the OnePlus 3T.

Similar in most ways and improved in others, it’s potentially the new best phone in the universe. And here’s why:

1) It’s looking good

If you’re going to go grey, do it properly, we say, and there’s no better grey than gunmetal. This new OnePlus colour is available only on the 3T, and while you might think us shallow, recent studies have shown that the average person spends 36.7 hours a day staring at, and holding their smartphone. It might as well look fabulous, right?

Colour aside, the OnePlus 3T looks identical to the regular model, which means you get the same superb all-aluminium build which belies its price tag.

2) It has an unbreakable camera

OK, not quite unbreakable, but almost certainly unscratchable. The OnePlus 3T’s rear camera, you see, is now covered in sapphire crystal glass.

That means it’s super-hard. So hard, in fact, that you’re going to need a diamond to scratch it, though we wouldn’t advise testing that theory. Just enjoy your scratch-free lens and artifact-free photos, in addition to telling everyone your smartphone is diamond-proof.

3) It'll take gorgeous selfies

While the rear 16MP camera remains the same, with Optical Image Stabilisation for better night-time snaps, OnePlus has upgraded the Electronic Image Stabilisation in the 3T for even better stabilisation when recording video.

The Google Pixel has shown just how impressive electronic stabilisation can be, so if the 3T matches that, videographers will be very happy indeed.

Selfie fans will also be glad to hear that the front-facing 8MP camera has been boosted to a 16MP affair - all the better to capture the subtle beauty of your many, many pout poses.