6 epic Game of Thrones battle scenes to fight off the GoT withdrawal

The sixth season of Game of Thrones has ended but these spectacular battles will live in our minds forever

We’ve grown so accustomed to the violence on Game of Thrones that it’s easy to forget there’s a story behind all of it. No one kills another person without a good reason. Well, maybe Ramsay.

Alas, that's coming to an end, with the final episode of the sixth season being aired just a few hours ago. The memory of last week's Battle of the Bastards is still etched deeply in our mind. But lest we forget, that's just one of the many monumental battles that were fought.

To jog your memory that Game of Thrones is not all sex and violence, here’s 6 of the top battles on the show so far as well as a little reminder of what that battle was all about.

But judging by last week’s episode, we’re pretty sure that the most amazing fights are yet to come.

Battle of the Green Fork

This battle kicks off the War of the Five Kings, ignited by Ned Stark’s execution. Ned Stark’s son, Robb Stark, moves his army South, towards King’s Landing, sending a clear sign to the commander of the Lannister forces, Tywin Lannister, that Robb was preparing a direct assault on the capital.

Tywin puts Tyrion in charge of defeating the Starks, which he does, but the attack is actually a clever strategic move on Robb’s part. By sacrificing a part of his army to Tyrion, Robb is able to meet and defeat another force commanded by Jaime Lannister (in the Battle of the Whispering Wood), capturing Jaime in the process, and winning a crucial victory for the Starks.

Battle of Castle Black

The wildlings, under command of Mance Rayder, attack Castle Black, so that they could get to the other side of the wall. If the wildlings are allowed to get through, they will massacre all of the people in the North. All that’s left to stop them is the 50 men of the Night’s Watch stationed at the castle.

Lord Commander Aliser Thorne is not exactly up to the task of commanding a siege. Luckily, he’s got Jon Snow under his command, who has extensive wildling experience. And contrary to popular belief, Jon knows a thing or two about defeating them.

In spite of that experience, the first night of the battle decimates the Night’s Watch’s numbers. It is only during the 11th hour intervention of Stannis Baratheon’s forces that Castle Black is saved from another assault, ending with Mance Rayder's capture and execution.